Pets Are Welcome at The Lodge!

The Lodge Resort Pet Policy

The Lodge Resort welcomes you and your pet! We provide a limited number of rooms to accommodate well-mannered dogs and cats. To ensure the comfort of all of our guests, we ask that you abide by the following rules:


1) We love all kinds of animals, but only domestic pets such as dogs and cats are allowed to stay at The Lodge. You will be charged a non-refundable $25 fee per visit. This fee is waived if your pet is a service animal.


2) We reserve the right to limit the amount of pets that lodge with us based on room type and space.


3) Pets may not go into the bar/lounge area or Rebecca’s Restaurant due to health code. Service animals being the only exception.


4) All pets must be declared upon check-in. This allows us to make housekeeping and maintenance aware of the existence of your animal for their safety and that of our staff.


5) All pets must be leashed or in a carrier when outside your room. The only exception is service animals.


6) Pets must remain under your control at all times, either on leash or in a carrier. Pets may remain alone in your room so long as it is well-behaved. If your pet is disturbing other guests or staff or causing damage, it may not be left alone and must remain under your control. If there are guest complaints, the hotel reserves the right to ask you to find other accommodations. Crating your pet while you are outside your room is recommended. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN FOR PARTIAL STAYS.


7) In consideration of other guests, please clean up after your pets. If you need clean-up materials, please see the front desk. If you bring a cat, you must provide a litter box. We can provide a covering for bedding and furniture to prevent hair transfer.


8) We count on you to prevent your pet from making excessive noise, being disruptive or aggressive to other guests and/or their pets. If your pet is deemed dangerous, harmful, disruptive, or unhealthy, hotel management has sole discretion to require you to find other accommodations. The hotel also reserves the right to contact animal control to have your pet removed.


9) If your room requires excessive cleaning or if damages occur as a result of your pet’s actions, the hotel may charge you for additional services and repairs.


10) Due to safety concerns for our employees and your pet, we will not service a room with an unattended pet. Housekeeping services must be scheduled through the front desk to allow for pets to be out of the room while the housekeeping staff attends to cleaning your lodging accommodations.


11) Animals known as “Service Animals” are always welcome. Like pets, however, any Service Animal that poses a health or safety risk may not remain onsite.


12) No pets are allowed in the pool area. “Service Animals” are the only exception, however, we ask that they be restricted from swimming.


The Lodge reserves the right to refuse service to any guest or remove the animal of any guest who cannot follow the guidelines above and to collect any charges acquired to that point. Guests are responsible for all property damages and/or personal injuries resulting from the behavior of their pet. Guests agree to indemnify and hold harmless The Lodge, its owners or operators, from all liability and damage suffered as a result of the behavior or physical condition of the guest’s pet.

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